Monday, August 1, 2011

Day #114

Starting to get up to date on letters.

This is this week's letters to the two Amandas, and a Swap-Bot exchange for Monsters postcard exchange (Hey--monsters can be cute, right?)

It was a thrill to get the afternoon mail, which included a second letter from Esther, this one with the photos attached. There was also a postcrossing postcard, a letter from a friend in Japan, reporting that nobody in her family had been affected by the earthquake or tsunami (though they are still concerned about the nuclear reactor). There was also a pen pal letter from the Netherlands, and a Mail Artist letter from Brasil, though the writing is so tiny and so light that I can barely read it.


  1. My son & I love Monsters Inc. What a cute postcard!

  2. I bought a box of Pixar Art postcards. I just love them!