Monday, August 29, 2011

Day #139

The outgoing mail was a combination of what was written on Sunday, and what written today. Today was a day for long letters.

Only one letter incoming, from Karen, who just moved to Calgary. Now Karen's pen is very light and I struggle to read her letters, and as she just moved, I needed her return address from the envelope, but the end of the address (which turned out to be "SW") had been stamped over by the post office. So I did a Google search and--what fun!--I found a real estate video of the guy who was trying to sell their house. So I got to see it before they moved in.

I also created a spreadsheet today to track when letters arrive and addresses of writers. I know that many are going to drop off because we don't click and this is a good way to track that...and discard the drop offs after a few months.

I found out I have heard from 36 people since I started the project. My best writer has sent 8 letters. Second are two women who have each written 4 times, then 3 who have written 3 times (not all of these wrote their first letter at the same time, of course). Thirteen have only written once and I guess after receiving my reply aren't interested in continuing the correspondence, but who knows--maybe I will hear again from them some day. I'm happy to get a letter a month from someone. Not happy...thrilled!

I also found a letter buried under the junk on my desk which I haven't answered in over a month...I will be answering that letter tonight! (Maybe that happened to some of my letters that have not been answered.)

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