Friday, January 20, 2012

Day #253

First of all, I'm so happy...I FOUND THEM!!! I found the letters I lost and it was so stupid (as I knew it would be) that I don't even want to tell you where they were. Suffice to say, I can now answer them...except for Lucas, to whom I had already written

This morning, however, I sent a James Dean postcard to someone from Post Crossing in Finland, who likes James Dean. I was so pleased I just happened to have the postcard here. Also wrote to a pen pal on an envelope I made out of a theater program...I even included the URL of the review, in case the pen pal wants to check it out, since it's not exactly a well known play.

The mail carrier brought a postcard from Malaysia from a post-crossing person, but it's not a post-crossing card, if that makes sense. Also a nice letter from one of my good pen pals.

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  1. Makes perfect sense. Even though I took my address down from the blog, I get private exchanges more than ever through postcrossing and send something still generates a lot of mail!