Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day #298

This is actually 15 postcards and a letter.  I am in a Swap-Bot swap where you send 5 postcards in an envelope to someone.  I chose strange cards that matched the interests of the person to whom I was writing...I hope.  The letter is to one of my faithful (and patient) pen pals.

Some nice postcards in the mail.  The top right is for a Swap-Bot exchange; it's from New South Wales in Austraila.  Next to it is "Dorothy's House" in Liberal, Kansas.  This was for another Swap-Bot exchange, for a poem on a post card.  The writer chose Langdon Smith's 1895 poem, "Evolution."  Bottom left is the British museum from my cousin's widower, Fred, who is visiting London at present, and the bottom right is a Postcrossing card from Amish Country.

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