Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day #300

Well, after all that great mail yesterday, there was no mail today, but it was post card day for me.  I sent out lots and lots of postcards.

All of these were post-crossing cards.  The envelope went to a guy in Austria who asked that his card be sent in an envelope with "nice stamps."  The Quaker card was one I made for a woman who suggested it would be fun to receive such a card.

These were the orphaned cards I requested...one in honor of Braille, two cartoonish ones from the Netherlands, the Great Wall and Summer palace from China, and one from Avignon.  They all came pre-addressed and I just had to write a message on each, put a stamp on it and return it to the sender.  Kind of a fun project.  If you're interested, you can find out more at The Orphaned Postcard Project.

Finally there were these:

The top two went for Swap Bot swaps and the bottom one was another PostCrossing card.

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  1. Lots of nice cards! :) I esp. like the one of QUAKER card. I used to live in Canada, and I often saw his face in the shelf of my host family's kitchen. We don't have his product here in Japan, and I miss his face. :D