Monday, December 19, 2011

Day #238

Actually wrote quite a lot this morning... a Christmas card to a friend in Australia, a postcrossing card and replies to 3 pen pal letters. And then I baked more cookies!

Good mail too...The postcrossing card is unusual because it came from a GROUP, so no message but a whole bunch of signatures. There was also a great letter from The Pen Thief (who writes wonderful letters), a LWA pan pal and a letter from Fred in the Philippines.


  1. This is sooo funny!! The card from the meeting is sent by me!! :) I'm following your blog for a while and I didn't know it was you when I sent out the postcard. I was reading your post and I recognized the postcard.
    What a coincidence that I already "knew" you :)

  2. This whole pen pal world is, I am discovering, very incestuous after awhile!