Friday, December 16, 2011

Day #??

I got a little bit behind in posting here, so this is from the last couple of days. I can't remember what went out to whom and when I got the incoming. I'll just have to enjoy the pictures. I know this was another day when 2 identical postcrossing cards went out, along with another. I think Santa went to a pen pal. The letter was to one of the postal clerks at the post office. I sent it anonymously.

This is the first year I have given the mail carrier a gift, but I figure she has carried so much of my outgoing mail for me that she deserved it. I gave her a Jamba Juice gift card and a KitKat.

Now this is where I get confused. I am not sure when any of these came in. The Hawaii card is from Kimi, who is there right now. The HoHoHo card came from Jamie, who wrote because she reads this blog (Hi, Jamie! I will answer soon!). The gorgeous card on the right side is made by Karen C, who is much more clever than I am!The bottom two postcards are from post-crossing people.

And then there was this great surprise package from Limner. Unfortunately, I didn't see the "do not open until Christmas note until I'd opened it (that's my story and I'm sticking with it). But I'm not going to show what was in it in case others are more obedient than I am. I will say, however, that what was inside was exactly what I was needing on the day it arrived, so it was probably good that I opened it early. I think there were a couple of other letters which arrived from Denise, I think. But I can' remember. I hope the dog didn't tear them up!

It's hell to get old and forgetful!!

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