Monday, June 6, 2011

Day #59

I sent out two Postcrossing postcards this morning and started making photo books about our China trip to the Compassion kids.

Sadly, I also discovered that one of my Compassion children has left the program, so I won't be sponsoring him any more. Kind of like a death in the family, since I'll never know any more about him. That's the downside of sponsoring!

The incoming mail brought a Postcrossing postcard and a letter from a penpal in Ohio.


  1. Now you know I have to follow this blog since you featured a piece of mail that was sent , take care .

  2. love the postcard with the egg shapes

    Everyday Life

  3. Yes, but identities are always protected.

  4. Becca--that was a Pixar card. I loved it too.