Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day #83

A fun bunch of things going out today...

I love the Miss Piggy envelope, going to a friend. There was a Postcrossing postcard of a scene from Monsters , Inc., and four letters to people on SendSomething. The one in the right was to a theater person in NY and I decorated the envelope and the letter with theater related things.

And there was nice stuff in the mail, too...

The postcard is from "Snailmail Fan," who writes that she knows I already have Waldo cards, but thought it was more fun receiving one in the mail than sending it. That means I have to actually go and find Waldo in this card, of course! I loved the stamps on her card, especially since the postal strike in Canada has just ended.

And then the lovely and talented Elle Mental sent me a sheet of her hand made stationery, with envelope. Check the stamp on her envelope (outlined in white), which is also hand-made (combined with a regular US stamp).

One of the postcards I mailed yesterday (the Chorus Line one) was mailed to ME even though my return address label was clearly marked "FROM." I'm going to have to talk with the post office and see what I'm doing wrong--this is the second post card returned for that reason.


  1. I went through a period where a spate of postcards (and even a few letters) were delivered to me instead of the recipient, based on the return address. It was really annoying, especially in the case of international postcards - each failed delivery essentially cost me a dollar.

    Some friendly postal clerks let me know that the mail is scanned by machines, not humans, so the "to" and "from" bit matters far less than the fact that the mail is scanned from the bottom up (that being whatever the machine perceives as the bottom), and whatever address it hits first - that is, closest to the bottom - is the one that is considered the TO address. One particular clerk said fancy pre-printed mailing labels that have the "from" address in tiny letters underneath the large blank space for the "to" address cause no end of problems.

    Anyway, I complained a few times, took to making sure my return address was WAY above the "to" address, and occasionally write my return address up the side of the postcard. Ever since I had that rash of problems, things have improved a lot and I haven't had this occurrence in months.

    If it keeps happening, if I were you I'd have a chat with someone at the post office. It may help.

  2. Yes, I never realized that. I had a long chat with someone at the P.O. about it. She was nice enough to re-mail the cards with the same postage, but I'll be very careful about where I put the return address from now on!