Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day #55

I outdid myself with outgoing mail today. Almost all of the envelopes are going to Compassion kids and are sending them postcards from China, along with a letter about our trip. There is also a letter to Amanda, my soldier, and a letter of complaint to a McDonald's which really goofed up my iced mocha yesterday!

I only had one incoming letter, but it was really a good one.

It was from Tanya, from 16 Sparrows. Tanya thought I would be a better pen pal for her sister, who says she is going to write to me too, but I'm glad that Tanya wrote herself because her letter was delightful--and its presentation was lovely!


  1. I think what you are calling 16 Sparrows is actually the Letter Writers Alliance...?

  2. and when you request a penpal, the page says "16 sparrows," doesn't it?