Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day #76

I spent most of the morning battling with my computer, trying to put together a "free" Snapfish book (I only had to pay the postage, so it was worth battling). But I did manage to write a letter to my new Compassion correspondence child and send out a couple of Postcrossing postcards.

The afternoon mail brought the paperwork for my new sponsored child in Brasil (is that a cute little boy or what?). I also got a postcrossing postcard from a 14 year old girl in Kiev, whose handwriting may just be the neatest I have received on a postcard since I started this project!


  1. I'm glad that your mother is feeling better.

    Did you take the photo that is at the top of your blog? It's so awesome! Congratulations on the impressive amount of outgoing mail. It's inspiring!

  2. Thank you. Yes, I did. It was along the Marina in Sausalito, across from San Francisco.