Friday, September 2, 2011

Day #143

Outgoing this morning were a penpal letter and 3 Post-Crossing cards. The one on the upper right is an old one, my favorite San Francisco Postcard, showing Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Rd. The one on the lower left is the Johnny Cash family.

No incoming mail today :( but our local Borders is closing so I went to check out the sales. I found postcards for fifteen cents each, an unheard of price. I took advantage of it!

(this represents 40 Davis, and California postcards, and I may go back tomorrow and get some more)


  1. Wow! That looks like a good selection! When I went to my borders there were barely any left. haha

  2. wow! Postcards are so expensive here. When I was in the UK I could buy them for 10pence which is basically money you loose, find behind the cushion on the couch or leave lying about in your car. In South Africa some postcards are R10. You can buy a loaf of bread!!!

  3. Here, if you're lucky, you MIGHT find them for 50 cents, but usually closer to $1 each, so getting them for 15 cents was a real coup.

  4. What an awesome find! Too bad about losing Borders though.

    You send out so much mail. It's quite impressive! Your envelopes are great too.