Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day #178

Outgoing to a pen pal and a SendSomething person, and someone whose blog I read, following a link on someone else's blog.

Incoming was delightful, but confusing. There is a postcard from "Aanusha" who thanks me for a letter and postcards...but I can't find any record of having written to her, and don't remember writing to anybody in India...also she has the 4-number extension to my zip code and even *I* don't ever remember that. Aanusha invites me to send her photos of my family, but does not include a return address!

Secondly is a delightful bag from "Snailmail fan" from Canada, with this great surprise of an antique phone pencil sharpener. but, I'm sorry, I don't remember who Snailmail fan is! I checked my database, my letter files, my Blog Reader list of snail mail blogs, and SendSomething, but didn't find a clue. But thank you! It was such fun to find your package when I got home tonight!


  1. The telephone pencil sharpener "rang a bell" as I had seen it somewhere recently. I think is from here. Check out this link. Hope this helps. Patty

  2. What a great detective you are!!! Thanks for helping solve the mystery. Odd, but I had just seen that entry yesterday, I think!

  3. Glad to know it made it!

    (And sorry about the confusion) :)