Friday, October 21, 2011

Day #190

Just got 2 letters written this to Amanda and one to a pen pal in South Carolina. I especially liked the Disney envelope I made for Amanda.

Lots of fun stuff in the mail this afternoon.

A wonderful envelope from Kendall in Maryland, including the pop up "Hi" card and the sympathy card, and also the Where's Waldo postcard, a post-crossing card from Atlanta, a letter from Mary in Canada, one from Kimi in California and one from Cathy (my most prolific writer) from Ohio.


  1. I love the envelopes you make, they're awesome!

  2. (blush) Thank you! I have a fun time making them.

  3. The Where's Waldo was supposed to be there awhile ago. Sorry they all came together. It must have taken a vacation somewhere.