Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catching Up Again

I've been computer-less for a week, so unable to update here. So here are my most recent things sent out (not much!). I did send out 11 letters to my Compassion children, but I wrote them using Compassion's on-line letter writing function (which allows me to embed photos in the letters...and they print them for me!). This one went to my almost 4-year old Granddaughter....

These are post-crossing cards.

I didn't send out any letters because I had no printer (and didn't get around to hand-writing), but what a wealth of incoming mail I received!

This group includes one of those wonderful Inge Look postcards, this time from the Netherlands.

One letter in the above grouping was this great card with matching stamp from Kimi.

And now off to write lots and lots of letters!

I've been frustrated with the USPS web site and unable to find international stamps. I finally wrote to them and discovered that you can get more stamps than show on their front page:

This link will take you to more first class stamps than show on the page, and this link will take you to the "extra postage" page where you can find international stamps. There is now even a $1.05 stamp.


  1. I figured this out not too long ago too! How ridiculous that we have to click so many links to get to stamps. I really wish they would make it easier. I find the new site completely frustrating!

  2. haha, is it kinda weird that i wish i was your grandaughter so that i could get that fun mail?