Monday, February 13, 2012

Day #259

I suppose continuing to name these "Day #xxx" is kind of silly, but it gives a consistency to the names, I guess.

I wrote a lot today. This first picture is all Post-crossing cards I sent out (with that damn $1.05 postage!). These went to Canada, Germany, Poland, and Belarus. The S. Carolina card had been sent to me by a pen pal, but this Post-crossing person was keeping track of all the places from where she had received cards and S. Carolina was one of the very few US States that she was I hope I can be forgiven for passing it along!

and these are the letters that went out.

Here is what came in -- a pen pal valentine, a post-crossing card, a birthday card from Southwest Airlines, and still my heart!... not one but two letters from Compassion kids!

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