Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing Catch-up

I've been so bad the last few days about photographing and posting letters, so I'm just going to throw up what I have and then start fresh tomorrow.

Here are recent things I've sent out:

Postcards going to Australia, South Korea, The Netherlands, and Latvia

I honestly don't remember who these letters (and post card) were going to...but I was showing off my new wax seal.

I made this envelope out of the program for West Side Story. It is going across the pond.

I finally got mail today, including the first letter from a Compassion child in over a month

There have also been postcrossing cards received in the past few days.

These came from The US (3), Latvia, The Netherlands, Germany (2), Poland, Belgium.

I also got a couple of letters in plain white envelope, one from Misty (The Pen Thief) and from Cathy T, both of which I have misplaced (but answered already!)

So. All caught up. Now to start again tomorrow keeping things neat and orderly!

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