Monday, November 7, 2011

Day #200

I actually didn't write anything yesterday and, since it was Sunday, didn't receive anything either. However, I did make new envelopes and used a couple of them today.

One was in response from someone who contacted me through my address on this page, one was to a penpal in Germany, and one was to my 3rd & 5th grade teacher, to let her know her e-mail account had been hacked. When I knew her in grammar school she was Sister Mary X. Now the nuns have taken their given names so she is Kathleen XX. I got an e-mail from Kathleen XX (her last name is not a common one) which begins: "Hello, Handsome. My name is Rose." I sent her a snail mail letter to let her know that she had been hacked, but told her I was glad to hear that she thought me handsome.

In the afterenoon was a nice card from our own Elle Mental, a letter from my Compassion child Murugi in Kenya, a post-crossing card and, coincidentally, a letter from Kathleen XX, in answer to my previous letter. There was also a letter from the lady who sent me a 30 page introductory letter. she said she would try to be shorter in this letter, which is "only" 25 pages. I always think *I* write long letters, but I'm a piker compared to this woman!!

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