Monday, November 21, 2011

Day #212

This represents a Swap-Bot envelope, a letter to my 3rd & 5th grade teacher, and a postcard wishing a letter-writing Blogger a Happy Thanksgiving

The afternoon mail needs two pictures. In this one, there are Post-Crossing cards from "100 km south from the polar circle,", one from a village next to a river in Croatia, one from the Ukraine which is identified as "City Square Altanka Center" and a terrific card from New Hampshire, with a cut-out of a bear paw on it. Also a nice pen pal letter.

And then there was this envelope from a Swap-Bot swap with all sorts of terrific goodies in it. The only thing missing is the 2-page letter that was supposed to be the heart of it. But all the goodies were fun. That postcard on the right edge, under the whales is the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, which Jeri has visited. The particular picture was taken in 1907.

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