Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day #221

Another slow day, with only one letter written. But I got my December journal look designed!

Incoming was one post-crossing card, 2 penpal letters and our very first Christmas card.

The Christmas card is from my first boy friend, whom I dated from age 13-16. He is now a Jesuit, but we still exchange cards at Christmas time. His is always the first card I receive and it drives me crazy because he always beats me. But this time I got him. I posted our annual Christmas letter on line and he received it a whole three days before his card arrived. (This may be due to the scary news in his card that he is battling what he calls "the old man's cancer"--I don't know if this is the cancer his father died of or prostate cancer, which I assume can be considered an old man's cancer)

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