Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day #213

I only wrote two letters today, but they were kind of long. I love the envelopes, one of which is an ad for a local production of "A Christmas Carol." The bird one I particularly like--and I had to block out the names so I wouldn't spoil the surprise, in case either of the recipients checks this page.

I did get incoming mail, but it was a bit of a surprise. It was a letter from Day #211 that I had mailed two days ago, which was delivered back to me. It was in that stamp patterned envelope, with the address information written on an address label that I bought at the post-office! I had to go back to the post office to ask what the problem was and was told that they had goofed. No wonder the post office is in trouble.

I remember years ago when I used to get a lot of international mail. A letter came addressed to "Mrs. Beverly, Davis, California." It was delivered to me!!! (I should mention that this is a town with a population of 60,000.) That was also during the days when I would go into the office, be greeted by name and someone would call out my address if I was there to pick up mail.

Then they stopped sorting letters here, but sent them to Sacramento to be sorted. I addressed something to Longs Drugs at the intersection of Covell and Sycamore and it was returned for a better address. Because the mail was sorts in Sacramento, they didn't have a clue what was at that intersection. It's been downhill ever since.

Now, a properly addressed envelope, with the proper postage can't be delivered, but involves a trip to the post office for me to send it on its way again (and it will be interesting to see if it gets delivered this time).

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