Monday, November 28, 2011

Day #219

I wrote two letters today, and am now wondering if one of them is going to be returned because, according to this photo, I forgot to put a stamp on it. I hope that somehow I remembered before putting it in the mailbox. It was a U.S. letter; the other international (if it gets delivered and the recipient has to pay for the stamp, I apologize!!)

Mondays are nice--lots of mail, at least this one. Three letters today, one from Anjali, my sponsored child in India, a response to a letter I wrote to someone in India with those great Mother Theresa stamps, and a letter from a Canadian pen pal.

There were also all these postcards, all of which are post-crossing, except the one from Australia.

The Australia card is strange because it is identified as "capital cities in Australia," and on the back they are identified--but they have it wrong. The capital to the left of the map of Australia is identified as Canberra, but it's actually Perth (the only city I would be able to recognize!)

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