Monday, July 25, 2011

Day #107, 108

I only wrote one letter yesterday, since it was Sunday, but I wrote two today, so I combined all three into one photo. This is a letter to a friend, one to one of the Amandas, whose unit's Facebook page I found yesterday, and one to a penpal, mailed inside a menu from China Air, which, with decorative tape, made a fun "envelope."

But what a banner day it was for incoming!!

The most exciting thing is the envelope that I put a red star on. This is my first letter from one of the soldier Amandas! I was so excited. That combined with all the pictures I saw of her unit yesterday has made her a "real person" to me, not just a blank wall that I keep throwing letters at.

The rest of the mail was also exciting. There was a letter from one of my Compassion children, a reply from the woman who wrote me a 30 page introductory letter (her reply is only 10 pages, which is a great improvement!). The cute little yellow envelope was from someone at Swap Bot, who wrote a fun letter. And then there were postcards, three from PostCrossing, one from SendSomething, and one from Swap-Bot.

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