Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day #88

I added these to the outgoing mail I collected over the long weekend.

Both were Sendsomething people. Haley is in NY and is an actress...plus likes biking and works in a no-kill shelter. Except for the 50 year difference in our ages, we could be contemporaries! LOL. The envelope I chose for her was a program from Oliver! which, as an actress, I thought she would appreciate.

In the afternoon, I had a lapful of incoming mail.

I'm not sure where the post card came from, but I suspect it was someone from the IUMA, since it doesn't seem to be a postcrossing postcard. The letter with the Gregory Peck stamp was great, a new penpal with whom I have much in common. The other two were from pen pals I've been writing to for awhile, since I started this project, and both were such fun to receive.

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