Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day #95

It's postcard day!

Each of these is going out to a Post-crossing person.

And there was fun stuff incoming.

I loved the little mice on the Postcrossing postcard from Germany. Then there is the hand made postcard from someone in IUOMA and two pen pal letters. The one in the left came in such a beautiful envelope. I'm going to have to find out from these IUOMA folks how they get such clean pastings and what they use for a base for their postcards.

With that theater postcard I made the other day, I stuck everything down with glue, but it didn't seem like it was going to stay stuck, so I pasted it all with tape, but that didn't look very good. I mailed it, but I also liked the design, so I scanned it and then uploaded it to Snapfish and ordered 5 "real" postcards to be mailed.

I think I would make a rotten artist. I could never sell something because I couldn't also keep it!

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