Friday, July 15, 2011

Day #98

Home made day!

Four home made postcards went out to SendSomething people today, in addition to a pen pall letter and a letter to one of the Compassion children.

And finally Compassion came through with good mail, after a very long dry spell.

There were letters from both Wainaina in Kenya and Shallon in Uganda, and a newsletter from the office where Anjali lives in India.

There was also a postcard from Belarus through PostCrossing (which made me angry about the so-called "free" postcards we got to send yesterday. I now won't be able to send another postcard probably for 2-4 weeks, until those "free" postcards get delivered. I told the guy who runs it that I had been thinking of cutting back on Postcrossing and it looks like he has just handed me a reason to do that.

Finally there was a weird thing from someone over at IUOMA. Zombies and bloody stuff and nothing that interested me at all.

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