Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #12

Today I was staying home and I determined I was going to make it a Compassion letter day. But first I had four postcrossing postcards to send: Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and Finland. Two of them were from So. California--Burbank and Grauman's Chinese theatre; a girl who love architecture got a picture of the red roofs of Santa Barbara. A bike rider got my favorite picture, of a bike parked in the red leaves of Ashland that was my picture that I had made into a postcard...everyone always favorites it). And finally, hidden behind them all, was a b/w picture of some Boston Bull Terriers that I sent to someone who likes dogs.

I started writing letters to Compassion kids, but discovered that I actually had written to most of them a week ago, so I just wrote to my new correspondence child Leniel. I decorated his letter with happy faces and sent him a sheet of happy face stickers. And then I wrote to Pablo in Brasil, telling him about the Giant Sequoias, which you can drive a car through, and including a post card of the famous old tree (now fallen). I remember driving through that tree when I was in college.

Finally the mail arrived and look! I'm now a card-carrying letter writer! Not sure what the advantage is, actually, but's nice to know I'm a member of the club.

There were two post cards from people at, which were nice to receive.

I also had the happy discovery of not one but two cream-colored envelopes from Compassion, Intl. One was larger than the other and I thought it was the new photo of my child in Haiti, but they were two letters, just in different sized envelopes. One from Esther in Indonesia and one from my favorite kid, Fred, in the Philippines.

So now I have letters to answer, postcards to answer, and a web site (Letter Writers' Alliance) to learn about. But I also have some new stationery that came with the LWA packet, so maybe I'll actually hand write a letter or two in the next few days. LWA also sent me the name of two people to write to. I know nothing about them except their names (and addresses, of course), so this should be interesting.

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