Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day #1

Following the example of 100 Days of Snail Mail, I'm going to start recording mail for 100 days, but it will include both e-mail and snail mail, since I'm looking for pen pals and some prefer one and some prefer the other. I will try to record both mail received and mail sent and things I did as part of this project. Today I will mark as Day #1

I received introductory e-mail from Gundrun, a 61 year old retired nurse in a small town (400 inhabitants) in Germany

Sent a reply e-mail to Gundrun

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  1. Hmmn, Bev--I think many of us have been inspired by 100 Days of Snail Mail, and blogs like 365 Letters, etc. I certainly have, and very recently began my own letter writing blog. I now have 2 followers. :)

    If you're still looking for pen pals and haven't been inundated, let me know and I'll send you my Canadian address.

    happiest with pen in hand

    P.S. I enjoyed reading your reviews. I have no doubt you'd enjoy Theatre Calgary's "Much Ado About Nothing"!