Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day #9

It's Sunday, so I can't sit around waiting for the mailman, but that doesn't mean I can't be busy about this project. Well, it's not really a project. I haven't enjoyed anything so much in a long time!

So, I wrote a note to Misty Davis, whose blog "Confessions of a Pen Thief," I have enjoyed very much. I thought she really needed a picture of Davis' own Toad Town.

I made these cards on Snapfish...I made a bunch of different designs to use with Postcrossing people, but I think this was my favorite because it looks like a real postcard.

I also sent a dog postcard, anonymously, to a woman from I just liked that she was the first person over 50 that I saw on that site (and that she specifically likes dogs), but I didn't include my name or address.

I responded to a note from Danette in Arkansas, who wrote a delightful letter earlier this week, and I even wrote a note to my daughter, who was the one who gave me the idea for doing more snail mail in the first place. She writes wonderfully personal letters.

Realizing that I am embarking on something that could potentially be very space-consuming, I decided, for now, to store the letters I get in plastic sheet protectors (mainly because I have a bazillion of them sitting around here). I see that I really need to organize this office.

Hey, look! I made an envelope. It shows your address in a Google map. You can find the instructions here.

There are only two things wrong with it. First, my printer is crap and it doesn't even come CLOSE to printing with good color. But it is plugged in behind so much junk that getting a new one would not just be a simple project, but a major undertaking which would involve redoing the entire office. So I'll keep the one I have and print in b/w most of the time.

But second, cute though this envelope is, it is much too teeny to send through the mail, so it's only good to put something in and then include it inside another envelope to send. I think overall, it's not worth the effort that went into making it!

The last thing I did before shutting down for the night to watch Amazing Race was to get together an introductory packet to send to my soldier, Amanda.

(The envelope addressed to me contains a form that she's supposed to fill out to make it easier for me to know her history and her likes and dislikes)

G'nite, all!

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