Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #13

I wrote my two letters to people in the Letter Writers Alliance and a postcard to Jasmine from SendSomething. I also found a woman (I think) from Bunbury, Western Australia. I've been to Bunbury, so I had to write to her. And I answered the two letters from the two Compassion kids. I also answered the e-mail from my new friend on the Isle of Mann, wanting to be sure to have her message answered before we left home.

Then we headed off to Santa Barbara for our granddaughter's birthday, leaving our friend Jessica to be here and take care of the mail (i.e., bring it in from the mailbox!) and the dogs. But, my big deal today was that I made my first envelope. Now, mind you, it's not terrific, but at least I made one, out of some wrapping paper I've been trying to get rid of for years.

Just before we left for Santa Barbara, I found a teenager on Sendsomething who suggests you go through a drawer and just send her a bunch of things you find there. Sounded like an interesting idea, so I did.

The photo is of author Michael Connelly, at a book signing. There are some teeny stickers I made a long time ago, 2 Dora the Explorer bandaids, and a tissue that says "It's All About Me."

That was fun. I'd like to do it again!

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