Monday, April 4, 2011

Day #16 and #17

Day #16 was Sunday and we were in the car driving 300 miles that day, so there was no time, or place, to write anything. Also, we had our mail held while we were away, so there wasn't even the hope of any mail to come home to.

However, today is Day #17 and we picked up the mail.

Because I was gone most of the day, we didn't get mail picked up until 4 p.m. There were three Postcrossing postcards and one from Fast Eyes at sendsomething. Also there were two letters from my correspondence kid at Compassion. I had hoped to get more addressed to go, time! I wrote a letter to my soldier, Amanda, and sent a weird postcard to FastEyes.

(Oh...and I made another envelope, using a template this time...but I'll wait to show that until I actually use it...I think I'm finding that I'm now looking for things to make envelopes out of! It's really fun.)

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