Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #25

The day started off with putting together letters for our Compassion kids. Mostly they were boilerplate, though personalized a bit for each child. Each letter also was sent with pictures from Brianna's birthday party

Then I put together an envelope for Swap-Bot. I had chosen something about List of Lists. I had to create lists of 5 different things, 4 of which were chosen from a list they made and one of which was my own. Below are: "what's in my bag" which was a paper bag filled with the typical things that I carry in my purse (a package of tissues, a faux credit card, dental floss and a couple of other things); for "favorite foods," I wrote a poem and printed it on the "Diet of the Damned" paper.

There was a topic "words that describe me." I wish my printer were better, because that photo is supposed to be a knock off of Obama's blue and red poster, but it came out green. Still, it worked for what I wanted. My own choice of lists was "things that remind me of my childhood," with things like bottled milk, clip on roller skates, beehive hair does, etc. And finally there were "life lessons," which started off with "be the person your dog thinks you are," hence the dog stationery.

Finally I got everything packed up and included another Swap Bot project, which was to make 2 envelopes out of a calendar page and send it to someone. i actually made three and sent it off in that blue envelope. I also wrote to my penpal in Arkansas and then ended up putting the stamp and return address label on the BACK side of the envelope. Dummy! I added that to the package for the Compassion kids and drove off to the post office.

When I got home, there was a Postcrossing postcard waiting for me. I was very excited because it was from Vietnam, the very first card (in 100) that I have had from Vietnam.

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