Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day #18

This was mostly "send postcards" day as I had several Postcrossing cards to send as well as a card to someone on "send something."

I'm also VERY proud of the butterfly envelope I made with my new template, sent to Kestrel from sendsomething. I also found Hannah on sendsomething. She mentioned liking historical tidbits, so I sent her the story of the Pony Express.

The incoming mail brought a letter from my new penpal, Nancy in Illinois and four postcrossing postcards. Sure is a HUGE improvement over bills and ads!

Aren't these cards cute? I saw an interview in Santa Barbara with a young girl who, at age 10, decided to get together with her friends and design cards they could sell to raise money for cancer charities. Their group is called Kids 4 Kures and I was pleased to order a box. I will be using them as either gifts or note cards...or both.


  1. The Kids 4 Kures cards are very sweet!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of mail enthusiasts :-)

  2. where do you purchase an envelope template???

  3. I had seen a commercial for Kreate-a-Lope Envelope Maker on TV. The link they gave caused my virus protection to go wild, so I did a Google search for the product and found several companies offering it. I don't remember which one I used, but if you do a google search you should find it...you can also probably find something cheaper that works just as well.