Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day #29

Today I sent a long letter to my new penpal, Sheila. I hope I don't scare her off.

Also last night I found this GREAT book of Where's Waldo postcards and was eager to send some off today, so I sent to 2 people on Send Something. I hope to send some of these to a few of my Compassion kids too, the next time I write to them.

The day's mail brought an interesting coincidence. The first card I read was this one, a card from Postcrossing.

and then there was this one from Munich, part of a Swap-Bot postcard swap. The writer says she bought the card last weekend when she spent the weekend in Bratislava!

Finally there was this...

which tells me that I have a heavy letter to pick up at the post office and 78 cents to pay in postage due.


  1. Those "Where's Waldo" cards are great! Where did you find them?

  2. I was in a little book store in San Francisco and they only had one book left. 40 cards for $10. They're made by Candlewick Press. I was tickled to get them!

  3. Here ya go:

  4. I sometimes feel like that when first writing to friends, will they find the amount I write overwhelming... most love it, some have commented on it but after time they too end up writing a similar length and wish they had more friends like it.

    Its funny how your is Where's Waldo as in the UK its Where's Wally but whoever will receive them will love them and it will definately take them back to their childhood