Friday, April 22, 2011

Day #36

I had a busy morning. I sent a Jumping Frog of Calaveras County postcard to my sponsored children in the Philippines and in Haiti, along with a VERY watered down version of Twain's original story. I wrote two cards about "my day" to women on Swap-Bot, sent 2 more frog cards to SendSomething people, and wrote a letter to Jeri, using one of my dog envelopes.

Here's the afternoon mail:

The Easter card is from a pen pal, the horse postcard is from a Swap-bot exchange and I'm disappointed at the bad address for "alisa" because I had sent her a card I really liked.

You know, when you start a project like this...or, maybe more particularly, when I start a project like check out everything, contact everybody, do all the things you can, but eventually you settle down to just a few. I'm probably going to stop sending things to people on SendSomething because they don't seem to stick around, and Swap Bot seems to be mostly really young people (one of whom told me it was nice to see "elders" participating), and also to really be geared more to sharing crafts rather than cards and/or letters.

But I've made a few new friends who seem to be sticking around, so perhaps the frenzy will die down a bit. I am committed to more snail mail type of mail, though, so this project blog will continue.

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