Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day #32

I was really tickled about this envelope. I used a Mel's Diner take-out menu for the envelope and then I found some patterned name tags with these cute monkeys on them and some monkey stickers, so used those for address label and decoration. There is a bigger monkey on the back of the envelope. I have no clue if it's going to go through the machines, but I'm pleased with how it looks when it leaves here!

I also made these envelopes, which I LOVE from a 2011 calendar I picked up on sale yesterday.

And now I'm leaving. I will be back Thursday afternoon and post then...probably not much sent, but maybe some interesting letters.


  1. Along the lines of surcharges as per your post yesterday...

    If the recipient's address is not written parallel to the longest side of the envelope, there is a 20-cent non-machinable surcharge. Sometimes it is assessed and sometimes it's not. (I get envelopes with insufficient postage that are addressed that way sometimes, and sometimes they make it to me with the normal first-class rate.) But Patsy of the Mel's diner envelope may get hit with 20 cents postage due.

  2. Adorable envelopes. I especially like the monkeys & pug :) @The Missive Maven Very informative!This is good to know for future mailings :)

  3. Thanks for that information, Maven. I've seen so many mail art envelopes with "random" addresses it never occurred to me that there might be a problem.