Monday, April 11, 2011

Day #24

We had to leave early today to go to our China class, but I did get up early to write to Amanda, my soldier penpal. I've decided to make Monday "Writing to Amanda" day. I even made an envelope for her.

We came home to a nice assortment of mail.

The letter was from someone who got my name through a group known as "16 Sparrows." Its purpose is to put people who want pen pals together. You give only your name and address and they send you the names of two people to write to. But you are matched on nothing except a desire to correspond with someone. You don't know the age, interests or anything else. And this woman was writing to tell me that she had never done this before, but she was going to suggest that I write to someone else, specifically her sister. After reading her letter it's clear that we have almost nothing in common (she doesn't like animals, for one thing--any animals!), which is not necessarily a detriment, but she feels that her sister and I would be perfect pen I guess I'm going to write to the sister.

The other mail was all postcards. The top left is a picture from India, because the Postcrossing writer lives in San Francisco and figured I didn't need a postcard from there! (good thinking!). The card with the light glare is from Hersey, PA ("Chocolate town"). She is part of a Swap-Bot random post card exchange, as is the writer of the shoreline postcard.

The card at the bottom is from the woman who gave me the idea to start this blog, the writer of "100 days of snail mail."

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