Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day #40

It's all about the envelopes today. The one on the left goes to Cindy Y, whose profile read that cupcakes are her favorite thing. I found the picture in a Food Network magazine. The one on the right goes to Elle Mental, who sent a great post card yesterday and offered to send me some special stickers. I could have sent her an e-mail, but I have now made all these envelopes I want to use!

What a great package came from Denise today, via Swap-Bot.

What fun. I'm trying to think how I'm going to use this stuff. What is even more fun, Denise had been following my blog before she was assigned to be my partner on SwapBot.


  1. Im so glad everything arrived. It was really funny when I realized you were my partner for a swap at the same time I was sending out a letter for your pen pal project. If you can't use the goodies, feel free to pass them on.

  2. I love the goodies. I don't know what I"m going to do with them yet, but I'll figure out something!

  3. Those envelopes look great, I would definately be made up receiving those.

    Its also nice to receive such a great swap via swap bot

  4. I really do love cupcakes and I LOVED this envelope! Thank you so much!!! :)

  5. I was so tickled to find this magazine page after reading your bio!