Monday, April 18, 2011

Day #31

Well, slim pickings for the post office today...just the two cards I wrote yesterday and my Monday letter to Amanda, the soldier I'm writing to (I've decided that Monday is "Write to Amanda Day"). But I also wrote a long letter to a penpal in England...that goes e-mail, because we're too cheap to pay postage when we don't have to!

I was excited to go to the post office to see what I was getting in the mail from Sharla, from sendsomething. It was 78 cents postage due, which indicated that it must be a heavy letter.



It was a postcard she'd made out of a campaign sign she had. Clever idea, but it wouldn't bend, so the clerk says that the post office considers it a package, not a postcard. Expensive mistake! But we've all learned something, right?

The afternoon brought an interesting letter from a penpal in The Netherlands.

Now I'm going to be leaving for 2 days tomorrow morning. I will write something while I'm gone, but I won't have internet access, so I won't post entries or pictures until I get home on Wednesday, though I will probably post something tomorrow morning before I leave, since I already have started on tomorrow's mail!


  1. Postcards (and letters) do have maximum thickness limits in order to fall within their regular stamp rates. This clearly exceeded that, but classifying it as a package is a bit much. I would have thought that would be non-machinable, and would therefore have a 20-cent surcharge.

    That seems to me to be one of those things that really depends on which postal worker decides to mete out the charges. I would be curious to find out from that sender if any of his or her other recipients were charged similarly.

  2. Yes, I'm curious about that too. 78 cents seemed to be a bit excessive since it already had a 44 cent stamp on it and it was actually LIGHTER than a post card!